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A word from the General Manager

Dear business partners,

Our company tries to offer its customers a complete range of materials for the production of furniture together with the best possible service. We therefore carefully monitor the indicators of successfully clearing an order, as well as the speed and quality of shipping the goods (so-called service level). In both these indicators, we have managed to achieve ever better results.

We are constantly working on improving our service, whether it be an improvement in the service quality of our customer center or the advantages offered by our ordering portal, Démos24Plus, available non-stop.

In addition, we pay special attention to the network of facilities which process orders for planar materials and edges, and then distribute them directly to our customers.

I would like to thank our business partners for their existing cooperation, and I believe that with the help of initiatives on your part, we will be able to constantly improve our services.

Petr Mitura
General Manager of Démos trade, a.s.

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We operate in the following countries

Country Business name of company  
CZECH REPUBLIC  Démos trade, a.s. - CZ
HUNGARY  Démos trade, a.s. - CZ
POLAND  Demos trade, Sp. z o. o. - PL
SLOVAK REPUBLIC  Démos trade, s.r.o. - SK

The head office of the company is in Ostrava, which is where the company Démos trade, a.s., and other companies of this group are based.

About Démos

Dear business partners,

For more than 20 years, the commercial company Démos trade, a.s., has specialized in the supply of planar materials, furniture fittings and furniture edges or, more precisely, it has focused on the comprehensive and integrated supply of materials to its customers, which include producers of furniture and household equipment as well as joinery firms, architects and implementers of interior designs. In selected regions, we also supply commercial companies that sell a similar product line on a local basis. The head office of our company is in Ostrava, where our main storage facilities are also based. In Ostrava, Démos trade, a.s., has a large-capacity warehouse for furniture fittings, which was extended in 2007 by new premises with an additional capacity of 26,000 m3 and the ability to store ca 4,000 Euro pallets. Other regional central warehouses with a large capacity are based in Prague and Brno, in CZ, and in Nitra in SK,… Our supply includes the largest stock of board materials in the Czech Republic.


Central reception ORDER Tel: (+420)596 223 470
Fax.: (+420)596 223 471
E-mail: objednavky@demos-trade.com
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