Particle board Particle board - composition

The basic material for a raw particle board (with finely polished surface) are wood particles (chips, shavings, sawdust) bonded with synthetic adhesive. Most often, the wooden particles used for the production of the particle board are a combination of spruce and pine. There is also the possibility of 4xTG particle board design (tongue + groove).

Particle board - application

Particle boards are usually used for furniture production, interior design and in the construction industry. The furniture is usually made of particle boards with various surfaces and patterns. Particle boards may have various surfaces and are suitable for e.g. lamination (laminated particle boards – abbreviation LTD or DTD-L), coating, pressing of laminate (formica), veneering and the furniture industry. The customer has the option to choose from a number of surfaces and from a wide range of patterns offered by individual producers (Egger, Kronospan, Thermopal, Glunz, DDL Humpolec,..). All particle boards comply with the E1 emission class values.

Types of particle board 

  • Raw particle board
  • Laminated particle board
  • Particle board with pressed laminate (Thermopal)
  • Veneered particle board
  • Lightweight door particle board 
  • Eurolight particle board
  • Grundig foil particle board
  • Particle board kitchen worktop



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