BOARD MATERIALS/Imitation stone


Under the name “artificial stone“ we can imagine an imitation of real stone with a higher or lower degree of appearance authenticity and often with very different characteristics. Therefore, always carefully check not only the price, but also technical and physical characteristics !

GetaCore and Rauvisio artificial stones recommended on our website meet the demanding material requirements conditioned by their comprehensive use such as e.g.: 
  • Strength 
  • Temperature and chemical resistance 
  • 100% reparability 
  • Full colouring

GetaCore and Rauvisio have pleasant touch and appearance. Both materials are suitable for standardized and atypical production, when e.g. you are not present during planning and production of the work top (kitchen work top), thanks to the possibility to shape as required and subsequently join individual boards with the effect of virtually invisible joints without being limited in you ideas. This way you can fully use the given space and your imagination.

Use of artifical stone:

  • kitchen (work) boards, households, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, laboratories....
  • work tops in clinics, medical surgery rooms, schools
  • store counters, public facilities, hotels or gastronomy – lining of walls, lifts, bath tubs, lining of shower bath
  • bathroom cabinets and tables, toilets,..
More about the given materials in individual sections: GetaCore   Rauvisio

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