The bearing kitchen door material is a raw MDF board, bio board, the surface of which is finished with varnish, stain or PVC foil. Thanks to the gradual expansion of our product range and manufacturer innovations, we are now able to offer a wide range of door shapes, foil types and door cuttings. Least but not last, a wide range of dimensions of doors including manufacturing according to individual customer requirements. All production is carried out on the basis of custom orders from individual customers. Production of doors is possible from several pieces for individuals to a supply of thousands of pieces of components for large customers – furniture manufacturers and businesses.


Description of door products

  • Foiled door: milled MDF board into which a PVC foil is subsequently hot-pressed. Each manufacturer offers different shapes of doors and foils.
  • Solid doors: milled bio board made of 3 bonded layers which prevent it from bending and twisting. It is stained and varnished at the end of processing.
  • Painted doors: milled MDF board which is subsequently varnished

We offer kitchen doors from the following companies

  • Grena - MDF foiled doors
  • Trachea - MDF foiled doors
  • Hefas - MDF foiled doors
  • Beran – Painted doors

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