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Types of kitchen work tops

  • Particleboard kitchen work tops
  • Solid kitchen work tops
  • Lightweight kitchen work tops
  • Kitchen work top made of artificial stone


Particle board postforming kitchen work tops

In this version, the bearing material of the kitchen work top is raw P2 particleboard, surface-treated with durable HPL laminate with a thickness of 0.6 – 0.8 mm and postformed (bended) over the board edge. In our product range, you will also find lining panels and sealing strips for these kitchen work tops with corresponding designs. We have kitchen tops made by Egger, Kronospan, Thermopal and Polyform.

Particle board postforming kitchen work tops
DekoryHere you can find Egger worktop designs
DekoryHere you can find Kronospan worktop designs
DekoryHere you can find Thermopal worktop designs
DekoryHere you can find Polyform worktop designs

Lightweight kitchen worktops

The current design trends emphasize the value of furniture through the thickness of the used material. Lightweight work tops meet this requirement and also show a light weight of the kitchen work top. It effortlessly creates the required connection between modern creative ideas and attractive designs and surfaces. We offer lightweight work tops from the following manufacturers: Egger, Kronospan.

Lightweight work top designs can be found here: Eurolight Egger, Kronospan

Eurolight EggerKronospan
Dekory Here you can find Egger Eurolight lightweight work top designs
Dekory Here you can find Kronospan lightweight work top designs

Kitchen work top made of GetaCore® artificial stone

We offer ready-made work tops made of GetaCore® artificial stone. The composition of this material is: acrylic resin, bauxite, hardeners. GetaCode boards are non-porous. From the chemical point of view, there is no 100% non-porous material but this material is very close to this perfect material and almost no water is absorbed.

DekoryHere you can find GetaCore artificial stone designs

Solid kitchen work tops

Solid kitchen work tops are made of high-quality dried hard wood processed to the thickness of 40 mm. These work tops require surface treatment.

Solid kitchen work tops 
DekoryHere you can find solid work tops

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