BOARD MATERIALS/Laminated boards


Laminated boards are surface-treated particle boards. The surface is treated by pressing of decorative paper impregnated by amino plastic resins onto the board. The finish of the laminated boards is with its decorative surface and defined surface structure resistant to short-term exposure to water, increased temperature and chemicals used in households. The surface of the laminated boards is easily washable and odourless.


Application of laminated boards

Laminated boards are intended for use in joinery works for interior application and furniture with use in dry environment. LTD laminated boards are sanitary; its formaldehyde emissions meet the criteria of the E1 emission class. In the product range of Kronospan – collection of ARTECO laminated boards – all laminated board decorations are pressed exclusively onto low-formaldehyde particle boards marked as E-LE. Even high pressure laminate (formica as offered by the manufacturers) may be ordered to the laminated board designs. Thermopal, Egger and Kronospan newly introduced boards in high gloss. Our company introduced part of the Thermopal, Ether and Kronospan laminated board designs as its in-stock collection.

Démos a.s. holds boards from the following manufacturers of laminated boards in stock:

 Egger laminates
 Kronospan laminates
 Bučina DDD
 Thermopal laminates
 Glunz laminates
 DDL Humpolec laminates

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