Stone veneer is a surface of natural stone, mined in selected quarries all around the world. Genuine stone veneer is made from fissile shalestone or mineral sandstone.

Veneer from shalestone is made in such a way that a thin, 0.1 – 2 mm layer is split off from a large-scale stone block. Glass fibers embedded in a matrix of polyester resin hold the thin structure of stone tightly together. The rough surface and play of color shades in the individual layers of shalestone make each plate of veneer unique and a sensory experience. Differences in pattern and color are therefore completely normal and are not regarded as flaws. Shalestone is a rock that – according to the type – contains a 40-50% proportion of quartz with various admixtures, so-called additions, of metal oxides and ingrained corrosions, which are hidden under the surface and can peel off in the case of strong point loading. These scales are not flaws or material defects.

Sandstone is extracted by means of a costly process in suitable sand quarries. There, the cohesion and enormous flexibility of this material is ensured by means of meshing applied on the rear side.

Veneer plates of various quality are available. „Each plate is unique“ – this statement reflects the variability of corresponding surfaces, both in pattern and color. To prevent a possible misunderstanding, your ideas about color scheme and surface pattern should be agreed on prior to ordering.

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