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Démos as an employer 

  • In order for our company to be able to provide premium services to our customers, we need the best employees, because we know it is they who are the main carriers of our company’s prosperity. We know that only employees who are not just professionally educated but are also content and motivated will provide our clients with high-quality consulting services that will satisfy their needs to the maximum extent.
  • Our personnel policy is to choose employees for long-term cooperation. Our company then takes care of such employees – we create a proper working environment for them and look after their personal and professional development. We highly value the results of our employees´ work; we know how to support loyal, proactive and innovative people who move our company forward.


The company Démos trade, a.s., has become a beneficiary of a subsidy as part of the Operational Program Human Sources and Employment, co-financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic and the European Social Fund.

The new project is called

Establishment of the company’s „Academy of Démos trade“ to achieve competitiveness in the Czech and European markets, which will be implemented in the period from Aug 1, 2009 to Jan 31, 2012.

Establishment of the company’s „Academy of Démos“ involves the comprehensive and systematic training of employees, including setting up a process of evaluation, describing key competencies to be developed for individual working positions, and creating its own training programs.

Implementation of this program is organized and managed by an internal implementation team of three employees.

All key employees will enter the program – heads of individual departments, businessmen, salesmen, product managers, purchasing agents, staff from the customer center, foremen and store managers.

One of the activities is creating and training a professional group of internal lecturers, in order to take advantage of the expertise of our experienced employees. The selection of lecturers will be carried out at an initial Development Center, which will help us to find suitable future lecturers who will take on the role of professional coaches after they pass the corresponding training.

The introduction of the Development Centers will become a tool for measuring any shifts in quality and benefits of training. It will also help us to uncover possible weak spots in professional skills and create a qualified training plan.

A mobile e-learning lecture room will be built, and e-learning will be introduced, which will increase the efficiency of invested time and financial capacities of the company and its employees.

The goal of this project is to shift the system of human resources development and company management to the setting up of systematic training, with all the elements of a self-teaching organization, in such a way that the resources invested into training are not invested on a one-off single-purpose basis, but in a way that brings added value, maximum effect and measurable benefits.

The project will also involve setting up a combination of internal and external training, i.e., creating a professional group of internal lecturers and coaches. Training of internal lecturers and the use of e-learning are the innovative elements in this project.

Key activities of the project

  • Measuring the level of knowledge and skills through implementing the initial Development Center
  • Establishing e-learning, a lecture room and e-learning modules
  • Certification of internal teachers, lecturers and coaches
  • Consultations on how the system of internal lecturers and coaches is functioning within the company
  • Systematic development of managerial knowledge and skills
  • Systematic development of the knowledge and skills of our businessmen
  • Systematic development of the knowledge and skills of our Customer Center staff
  • Systematic development of the knowledge and skills of employees from our purchasing department
  • Systematic development of the knowledge and skills of our salesmen and the heads of our facilities
  • Training and development of store managers and foremen
  • Measuring the benefits of training
  • Systematic development of language skills
  • Measuring any shift in the level of knowledge and skills of our businessmen in the form of the Development Center
  • Organization and management of project-related activities

Further professional training of all key employees in general skills and knowledge will take place simultaneously during the entire course of the project.

Leona Řežábová, Mgr.
Project Manager


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