Floorboards, floorings and their application

dashboard facingFloorboards are wooden profiled boards of the same width usually with a “false“ tongue and groove and on the reverse side there are drying grooves. They are used as a visible or construction layer in interior and exterior walls, ceilings, plates and lower ceilings. They are also used for wooden floors; however, in this case these are floorboards of a different thickness and with a different milling profile. Wood species used for this product are e.g.: spruce, pine, larch, oak.


Facing floorboards

If the floorboards are used for lining of walls or interior ceilings, they may be thinner. 12mm or 14mm-boards will be sufficient. The top side has a perfectly finely shaved surface.

Facing floorboards have a wide range of use. We can use them for lining of ceilings, walls and facades, in family houses and residential buildings.

There are also facing floorboards with a thickness of 12-21mm, width of 96-146mm and usually length of 3-5m. We offer floorboards with the following thickness: 12, 12,5, 14, 15, 16, 19 mm.

Special and so-called facade profiles are used for facades of buildings and utility constructions (summer houses, garden houses etc.). These are often supplied in other wood versions, e.g. Nordic (Siberian) spruce or larch, Douglas fir, THERMOWOOD and other. These species are more resistant to weather conditions and are often used as maintenance-free.


Flooring has lower moisture and compared to the facing floorboards, they are firmer. 19mm-flooring is suitable for multi-layer floors or for provisional use. Thicker 28- or 24-mm floorings are used more frequently. They are more durable, stable and suitable for higher stress. The density of the grid is then selected according to the expected stress of the floor. The width of these floorboards ranges from 121mm to 146mm and they are 4m or 5m-long. We offer the following flooring (floorboards): 19, 24, 28 mm.


Flooring profiles

TATRAN type floorboardTATRAN type floorboard
SOFT type floorboardSOFT type floorboard
KLASIK type floorboardKLASIK type floorboard
Floorboard (flooring)  Floorboard (flooring)

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