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Joinery timer is the fundamental raw material for production of battenboard which is then used for production of furniture made of solid wood such as cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, doors, windows, stairs, musical instruments...etc. The most frequently used types of wood are the following: pine, spruce, larch, oak, beech, steamed beech, ash, maple, walnut, steamed walnut, alder, cherry...etc. Because we strive to provide high-quality services, we offer joinery timber dried to 8-10% moisture, which ensures that the timber will not twist and will not get considerably drier.

JOINERY TIMBERA joinery timber specialist will always give you professional advice and will help you carefully choose the best type of joinery timber according to your intended use. The selected joinery timber may be delivered to the required location by Demos trade a.s.

Joinery timber, which we provide, bears the FCS mark of quality (Forest Stewardship Council). This forest certification is basically an alternative to the already well-established certification of environmentally-friendly agriculture and marking of products of environmentally-friendly agriculture – bio products. In these forests, the development of forest stand is monitored annually. Implemented forestry interventions are regularly assessed with an emphasis on minimalization of the use of chemical substances with the goal to improve forest management and enhance forest biodiversity..

The timber is classified in accordance with Austrian norms

Class “A“ timber

Virtually pure joinery timber with minimum number of defects. They are always deducted if any defects occur. Only the left side of a plank or a board is measured. They are suitable for production of mouldings, lippings and veneers.

Class “I“ timber

The most common and best-selling joinery timber. Only left side measured. We allow in-run of the core, e.g. core of beech and alder. Smaller knots in a limited extent. However, all these defects are deducted. Suitable for manufacturing of furniture, stairs, windows and doors.

Consignment documents for joinery timber

With each stack of timber we provide a consignment document with an exact definition of the width and length of the supplied goods.

The goal of Demos trade a.s. is to treat the environment responsibly which is supported not only by its emphasis on quality and origin of the sold materials, but also its waste management as waste is carefully sorted and the customers are offered the option to have the waste originating from the materials purchased from Demos trade a.s. removed for free


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