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Our standard offer contains a wide range of adhesives, sealants and other agents for treatment of furniture and for bonding and sealing in interiors and exteriors. A wide range of dispersion adhesives for bonding at D2 to D4 water resistance level, polyurethane adhesives, contact adhesives and hot-melt adhesives for edge bonding machines; they supplement adhesives and sealants for wood and other construction materials. There is a wide selection of acrylic and silicone sealants for finishing works and experts will surely appreciate the range of polyurethane (PU) foams with high or low foaming properties. We can also find solutions for load mounting of fasteners using a system of chemical anchors or high-load bonded contact joints. Binding materials include NOVORYT soft and hard sealant/wax, NOVORYT correction pens. Hardening sealants for solid wood materials with the possibility of grinding and final surface finishing with coating substances.

Henkel Adhesives

logo henkelThe Henkel Division of Adhesives offers a highly innovated portfolio of brands for craftsmen, specially designed to meet professional needs. Since 1876, Henkel has been helping its customers with the use of advanced technologies and mutual co-operation. We are pleased to say that Henkel products meet the strictest environmental standards.

Chemical Anchor

For quick and easy anchoring of mechanical elements into structures based on the use of two-component resin. Firm anchoring in all types of materials used particularly where other systems fail: concrete, hollow bricks, crumbling walls, walls with uneven texture.henkel pattex lepidla

Mounting Adhesives 

Used for repairs and bonding of two surfaces in households and in professional mounting. They replace traditional bonding by, for example, cement adhesives, wood adhesives and the use of mechanical fixation such as screws and nails. Mounting adhesives are sold in cartridges, tubes and cans.

PU Foam, Silicone Sealants, Acrylic Sealants and More - MAKROFLEX

The MAKROFLEX® trademark is registered in more than ten European countries. 30 years of experience with selling this brand on the Nordic markets have proven that Makroflex products may be successfully used in the most extreme conditions.

  • PU foams
  • makroflex tmelySilicone sealants
  • Acrylic sealants
  • Other sealants
  • Cleaners
  • Tools

PONAL Wood Adhesives

lepidla ponalIn Germany, Ponal is a synonym for highly professional wood adhesives. Since 1959, it has served as a helper to craftsmen symbolizing quality, continuous product enhancement and innovation. Ponal offers a full line of products for wood processing, from adhesives to filling sealants and cleaning products, veneering and adhesives for floating floors.
  • Dispersion PVAC adhesives
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Adhesives for veneering
  • Floor installation 

CHEMOPRÉN Contact Adhesives

lepidla chemoprénUniversal contact adhesives for various materials, both absorbent and non-absorbent. Toluene-free, high-strength adhesive, usable immediately after mixing. Increased resistance to temperature and humidity, quickly and easily workable, versatile application, immediate high strength. Versions: Chemoprén Universal, Chemoprén Extreme, Chemoprén for Footwear, Chemoprén Transparent.

Rakoll Wood Adhesives 

lepidla rakollUnder its brand RAKOLL®, H.B. Fuller offers well-known adhesives for various applications:

RAKOLL Dispersion Adhesives 

For example, bonding of surfaces and veneers, mounting bonding, adhesives for water-resistant bonding etc. Dispersion adhesives are usually polyvinyl acelate-based such as PVAc-Copolymer. H.B.Fuller runs its own polymerization facilities in multiple locations in Europe.

RAKOLL Hot-Melt Adhesives

Hot-melt adhesives for bonding of various materials for straight edges, softforming, postforming, coating and many others. The hot-melt adhesives are based on ethyl-vinyl acetate (EVA), polyamide (PA), polyolefin (PO), polyurethane (PU) etc. They are produced as „filled“ or „non-filled“ systems.


NOVORYTtmel novovryt

Sealants and Pens 

For repair and retouch of damaged areas on furniture surfaces. A large number of colour options enable adjustments of a countless number of laminated board designs.

Den Braven - Mounting Adhesivesden braven, lepidla, tmely

MAMUT glue (high tack)

For exceptionally durable bonded joints with maximum initial strength. It will glue even heavy object with the strength of a mammoth without the necessity to fixate the joints. The tensile strength after hardening is up to 22 kg/cm2. It replaces nails, screws and rivets. It is a special modification of MS polymers creating – after hardening – a high-strength and elastic joint that can be painted over. It is not aggressive to the base and is perfect for bonding of mirrors.

Power kleber

For bonding of wood, glass, metal, plastics, ceramics, artificial and natural stone, concrete, drywall, carpet (felt, fabric etc.). It suppresses noise and vibrations; it is easily foamable and fills uneven spots. It is not aggressive toward the base, resists to common chemicals and weather conditions. It is also suitable for bonding construction water-resistant joints in interiors and exteriors (garden houses, fences, decking, boards, floors etc.). Bonding of varnished and non-absorbent surfaces. For fixation of shelves, boards, strings or window sills. It replaces nails, screws and rivets.

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