Furniture edges are used for finishing-edging of cut laminated boards. Their function is not only aesthetic, but also practical. The used material may improve the furniture but it can also destroy its potential.

ABS Edges

As a standard product, we offer ABS edges. They edges excel in their high resistance and the possibility of subsequent recycling. Formerly widely used melamine edges are only rarely used nowadays – possibly for edging of non-visible furniture parts.

3D Acrylic Edges for Sensonal and Thermopal Glossy Boards

3D edges are a combination of ABS edges and a transparent acrylic layer which leads to a so-called 3D effect on the edges which subsequently results in plasticity of the underlying design.

Veneer Edges

Edges are normally made of all types of veneer. The basic wood species are available in stock. In the case of special orders, we offer the possibility of processing the material supplied by the customer. The bonding of veneer is made by an irregular melt splice or butt weld (for required fixed lengths) and glued by a fleece or an aluminium strip (for automatic banding). The veneer is coated with fleece on the backside and strengthened by a thin layer of hot-melt adhesive (SSK). For direct gluing the hot-melt adhesive is applied, which also serves for gluing of the furniture part. Veneer is normally reground and the edges are cut in the width of 15-300 mm.

Layered Veneer Edges

In order to enhance the quality and resistance of furniture – particularly in more exposed locations – and as a better alternative to massive glued components, the edges are produced by compressing multiple layers in the thickness of up to 5 mm. Compared to regular veneer edges, the use of two-layer, i.e. 1 mm thick edge, brings a significant increase in quality with only slight cost difference. The use of PVAc adhesives in multi-layer edges contributes to improved product properties.

Laminate Edges

Laminate edges are suitable for coating of edges of little stressed areas on furniture surfaces. In our stores, you can find laminate edges with adhesive or without adhesive. However, this furniture edge has been already superseded by the much more durable and firmer ABS edge.

Impact Edges

Impact edges are used if you want to reach a rounded line of the board. Impact edges are produced in many designs (wood, uni colours), several widths and with various radiuses of edge curvature. During assembly, this edge is pressed into the pre-milled board groove.

Inspiration Edges

Inspiration Edges are produced by the digital print method. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to manufacture amazing designs which can particularly enhance thick boards. The use of Inspiration Edges opens the door to fantasy and creativity.

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