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The need to store kitchen and other types of waste for a longer period of time before its eventual disposal is growing increasingly. The thorny path from standard waste bins for mixed waste is now slowly turning into sorters which are becoming – with respect to the nature and the need to sort waste - a more frequent and more standard accessory and functional part of households. We offer sorting bins for recycling waste from Franke, a company that you know from its own catalogs, or Italian waste bins and sorters.

FRANKE waste bins, sorters

Franke offers an uncompromising quality of its products with functional features for comfortable operation, perfect use of space and optimal hygiene, which can find their use in many types and dimensions of cabinets, including corner or „top“ mounting into a worktop (directly in the work surface). The bins either have their own integrated pull-out system or are inserted in pull-outs with metal side bars.  

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Italian waste bins, sorters

In terms of application, these include particularly two types of bins – waste bins inserted in ready-made drawers where the customer may choose a combination of bins and accessories with dimensions between 600-1,200 mm as required. The practicality of the solution may be reinforced by the use of “no-handle” tandem pull-outs (tip-on version) or excel pull-outs (push-up version). The latter does not require manufacturing of a ready-made drawer, but it only requires mounting of the pull-outs with a side bar (Tandembox, planabox, INNOTECH) into which the frame of the bin is placed (including odour filter). No-handle version of opening of bins may be reached when using the Servo-drive system from Blum, an Austrian company, which we successfully represent.

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