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Blum turns opening and closing of furniture into a real experience and also increases the comfort of movement in all spaces of the apartment, especially in the kitchen. More than 4,500 employees worldwide work to achieve the perfect movement of the Blum mounting systems. Kitchen users and their needs are in the centre of attention. The Blum mounting systems will convince you thanks to their sophisticated functionality, reputable design and long durability. They are designed to bring excitement and admiration and turn work in the kitchen into an emotional experience. We provide support to our partners through a complex offer of services.

blum furniture fittingsblum furniture fittingsblum furniture fittings

Quality throughout the furniture life cycle

Blum products should be functioning perfectly without a single error throughout their entire life cycle – approximately 20 years.

Monitoring of behaviour of Blum mounting in the kitchen

For this purpose we monitor the use and application of our products in everyday life in kitchens and testing laboratories. The test results are then taken into account in development and production of the products. This is the reason why we manage to develop and provide products to satisfy the demands of kitchen users.

Quality testing in Blum

During everyday use, Blum mounting is exposed to enormous stress. We simulate such situations in our testing laboratories. Just like in real life, we also open and close fully loaded drawers and pull-outs up to 100,000 times. The durability of hinges is tested by moving the door 200,000 times. The lift-ups are opened and closed in the laboratory up to 80,000 times.

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