FURNITURE FITTINGS/Fasteners, supports


This chapter describes types of fasteners designed for connecting furniture parts, work tops and fastening surface parts (shelves) to the body or to the wall. Thanks to modern technologies, the individual fasteners are very tough, and the method of attachment and the disassembly options only depend on the selection from a wide range of fasteners and supports.

Wood screws, confirmat screws, caps

Joining furniture parts by various types of screws / wood screws and confirmat screws is very easy and simple both in terms of preparation (without pre-drilling or with pre-drilling – only necessary for confirmat screws) and the mounting itself. At the end, it is sufficient to use colourful click-on or self-adhesive caps to cover the “bright“ head of a screw or a wood screw. 

Confirmat screw Wood screw UNIQUADREX wood screwEuro screwCaps


Wood screw

UNIQUADREX wood screw

Euro screw


Pins, plates, “knots“, resin patches

Wooden fasteners. Fluted pegs made of beech wood. Standard 8mm x 35(40) (units - kg) or in the form of pole timber (units – pcs) with various diameters for cutting to the desired lengths. Connection of 2 parts through two holes located opposite to one another and pins glued into them. Size 20 plates beech – pressed. Connection of 2 parts through two milled grooves located opposite to one another and plates glued into them. For the purposes of repairs or adjustments of a hole after wood defects (rotten knots, resinosis), we offer so-called knot patches and resin patches made of various types of wood and in various sizes.

Pin PlateResin patchesKnot



Resin patches


Fasteners for honeycomb boards

With their specific construction, honeycomb boards require a different method of fastening and anchoring of individual elements. Considering the hollow construction of the board (honeycomb), it is necessary to first fasten the elements to the outer layer of the board or to the opposite outer layers (fastening of work tops). New possibilities of anchoring the elements by the AEROFIX dowel containing adhesive. When inserting the dowel into the hole, a capsule with adhesive is broken and the adhesive is spilled around the dowel. After hardening of the adhesive inside the structure of the honeycomb board, the dowel is very firmly attached and so is the element anchored in the dowel.

Cam screwPD plastic fastenerAEROFIX dowelWood screw

Cam screw

PD plastic fastener


Wood screw

Shelf support, triangle support, holders, angle bars

Shelf body supports, glass shelf supports, multiple types of drilling, surface treatments, design versions and also stops preventing the shelf from sliding out of the body. For attaching the shelves to the wall, we offer a number of hanging support triangles and angle bars, TUKAN holders and invisible thorns. Various types and colour versions, various bearing capacity of anchors and difficulty of assembly. Metal, plastic and combined.

Metal shelf supports 3/5Metal shelf supports 5

Glass shelf supports MV05

Glass shelf supports

tukanHidden supports TRIADE

 Metal shelf supports

 Glass shelf supports


 Hidden supports

Fastening screws, cam screws, dowels

Today’s standard for quick assembly and disassembly of bodies with visible joints inside the body is offered by the cam fastener with a pull, also in modification for fastening of shelves or roller nut screw. In this department you will find push-in dowels for wooden structures, hammer-in dowels for walls (opening for full wall and knotting for hollow wall). For fastening of regular work tops, we offer fasteners for milling on the bottom of the work top, connecting screws for joining of cabinets (connectors) and stud or push-in nuts for attaching threaded components.

Cam screw + pullCam screw + pullDowels  Dowels  Holding screwPD fastening Binder screwStud nut

Cam screw + pull


Holding screw

PD fastening

Binder screw

Stud nut


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