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  • Bathroom lights
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LED Lights


The most economical lighting solution with durability of approximately 100,000 hours (10 years of continuous lighting). We offer various versions – direction lights and spot lights for interiors, scattered lights in traditional round shapes, profiles with LED diodes, LED strips – interconnectable, various colours.

LED Light

Fluorescent Lights


Energy-saving fluorescent lights with long life, usually at least 10,000 hours of operation. They find their primary use in kitchens (cold colour) or other interiors – such as light shelves or in cabinets to illuminate the interior. We offer all the above versions.

Fluorescent Light

Bathroom Lights


For illumination of bathrooms we offer local lights designed for the side of a mirror and the area by the sink or directly above the sink, as well as spot lights designed for lighting from the ceiling or lower areas. You can also choose from various lighting sources – fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Bathroom Light

Closet Lights


For inner lighting of closets, we offer fluorescent lights, LED-based lights, spot and surface light guides where the source is located outside the closet or fluorescent belts and cables, where the developed heat is much lower and is spread across the surface. A regular lighting bulb is absolutely unsuitable for lighting in closets because of production of high amounts of heat. For example, a lighting bearing rod is very effective, which means that the rod, on which you hang the individual hangers in your closet, is the lighting unit.

Closet Light

Light Accessories


We sell almost all lights for professional installation, which means, without transformers. Among the accessories you can find transformers for all types of lights that we offer (we list the transformer type, which is necessary for the given light, in the catalog and on the portal). We offer a wide range of sensors – touch, motion. Power and extension cords for lights.

Light Accessories - senzor

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