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In general, furniture hinges are divided into several classes according to the most frequent use or the structure of the hinge. One of the most popular hinges are classic cup hinges which are mainly used for furniture doors. Another type are adjustable hinzávěs na korpusuges with which we attach/hang the upper or lower cabinets to the wall. The last group – other hinges – includes all other types of hinges which do not fall into first two groups. They include hinges for glass, pin hinges, table hinges, piano hinges etc.. In order to satisfy the widest range of customers from the field of joinery, we have decided to go for the option of several lines of hinges ranging from high-quality manufacturers to the economical ones. We hold the most commonly known and high-quality hinges from Blum and Hettich, middle-class hinges by FGV, to our own economical line STRONG.

The chapter on hinges also contains lift-up mechanisms due to the interconnection between the cup and other hinges including their modifications. Once again we hold the most commonly known and high-quality lift-up systems from Blum and Hettich, middle-class systems by FGV and our own economical line STRONG.

We offer the following types of hinges


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