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In our product range, you can find basic metal handles and knobs, various types of railing handles (bars)handle profiles and sunk (embedded) handles. Hangers in various shape and material modifications. The following materials of handles and final surface finishes are available: metal, aluminium, wood, porcelain, combined, with inserted Swarovski stones and also rubber and plastic handles. Handle accessories help with fastening in non-standard situations such as on sliding or glass doors.

Own product brand of Démos Trade - TULIP

logo TulipTULIP Handles = attractive design under one brand. These are mainly handles and hangers in modern and classic versions. Our stock program includes approximately 1,000 items in the handle and hanger category. It is not uncommon that we deliver many more items if requested – thanks to our rich buyer-supplier relationships. We select the TULIP collection carefully for our customers with an emphasis on quality, price and we continuously expand it with new shapes and materials in accordance with modern furniture industry trends.

Luxurious handles with SWAROVSKI stones

handles with SWAROVSKI stonesSwarovski – a jewelry brand with more than a 100-year history which is currently experiencing a real renaissance. It can be increasingly more frequently seen among celebrities, in movies and TV shows and more importantly it is increasingly more popular with ordinary people. Swarovski is not only an Austrian brand – the Czech spirit also contributes to the production. Swarovski is not only a brand of exclusive jewelry. Within the last ten years, the group around Swarovski has grown into incredibly proportions and therefore you can buy binoculars, glasses, lighting units and USB sticks with its company logo. Swarovski is increasingly penetrating into the furniture industry and we give you the opportunity to enjoy this jewelry even in your household. handles with SWAROVSKI stones
Patented handles combining metal with filling of so-called Swarovski stone – square and triangle Swarovski crystals, precisely processed by a revolutionary technology used also for jewelry and gemstones. The company focuses primarily on aesthetics and practicality and therefore not only excellent design but mainly one hundred percent functionality may be expected in each Swarovski product.

Belgian METAKOR handles

logo metakorThe most important user advantage of these handles is – beside its surface treatment and modern look – particularly a stock collection of handle/knob sets in one design. We also offer a collection of porcelain handles, always in handle/knob combination with the possibility of practical use, particularly for traditional-approach kitchens (solid doors). Even in this case, our collection is rather symbolic with extensive ability of the supplier – METAKOR – to supply different shapes and finishes.

  "set" handle + knob


There are many types of modern handles - particularly in aluminium colours or as an imitation of stainless steel – that can be used mainly for modern, wide drawers. Modern manufacturers of kitchens can also use an expansion of aluminium handle collections for mounting to the door edge – in the form of profiles and “tailor-made“ handles for the most commonly used dimensions of doors.

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