FURNITURE FITTINGS/Legs, castors, adjustable feet


Table legs

Simple table legs. Metal, veneered, combined. Various types of metal finishing. Table legs with straight round / square cross-section or conical round cross-section. Metal flange underneath the table top, leg ends with an adjustable glide stem. Standard heights 710mm and 820 (1,100mm). Possible adjustment +- 15(20) mm. Sold in 4-piece sets and individually. Push-out telescopic table legs.


Adjustment legs

Not visible plastic legs designed directly for use underneath kitchen worktops. One-piece or two-piece. Various heights (100, 120, 150mm and other) with possible adjustment +-15(20) mm according to the manufacturer. Mounting elements (pedestal fittings) sold individually for individual types. They serve for fixation of the visible pedestal made of a laminate board (or a different material) underneath the kitchen worktop.

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Adjusting legs – glide stems

Specialized components for production of furniture. They are used for height adjustment of small differences in height and concealed mounting. Adjusting leg located on the bottom edge of the table side bar or the bottom side of the bottom of the body according to the type. Height adjustment with an adjustment screw (screwdriver, hex wrench) or a foot. Possibility of plastic glide stems without adjustment.

kluzák narážecí hřebíkový stavěcí nožka - kluzák pro bočnici stavěcí nožka - kluzák



Castors for various uses according to the material, type of castor attachment, load capacity. Plastic, metal or rubberized castors. With metal, plastic or turning bearing on an axis. One-way or multiple-way (turning) castors. with or without a brake. Container, load, bed, technical. According to the attachment of the body – with a thorn, plate or U bolt clamp. Various heights and diameters. Individual castors with separately ordered fixation again in the same versions – pin with a thread, a plate or U bolt clamp.

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Visible furniture legs

For use in all furniture where the legs are visible, for completion of a unique design effect. Predominantly metallic appearance and various height and shape options. Of course, height adjustment is possible.

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Central table legs

Together with the table top you do not need anything else to make a table. Various colours, standard height 720mm. The central table leg contains a heavy base of a round or square shape and a pole of a round or a square cross-section. Supplied disassembled, the base and the pole will be connected by a threaded pole and nuts. Various finishes such as chrome gloss / matte, black, brass.

central round table leg black base mat central square foot black mat double pedestal table central chrome polish centrální height adjustable table leg

Table bases

More information about table bases can be found here.. 

office table legs 

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