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Container system

We offer a comprehensive system for production of drawer containers with an inner width of 380 and 392 mm from a Swedish manufacturer Pastunion. OnSide allows the drawer containers to be made according to your requirements. We offer container equipment in two colours: anthracite and white-grey. It is up to you to choose the size of the drawers, the pull-outs (ball-bearing full-pull-outs or wheel half-pull-outs), select pen holders (embedded or separate) and the inner equipment (hanging registers, space dividers, CD holders). A lock is part of standard equipment for offices – you have the option to decide between using a standard central lock stop or a safety lock against pulling-out of more than one drawer.

Container system

Desk bases

We offer quick and cheap solution – basic desk bases (you choose whether you want to use metal sheet filling or any other material with a thickness of 18 mm). For more advanced office desk solutions we offer components for assembly of desks of any shapes. In the basic package, you can buy a set of two bases with a connecting bar of the required length and then you can just purchase desk base accessories according to the required shape. This way you can very easily and quickly assemble the required desk shape. Such a desk can be then also equipped with PC holders, cable holders. We also offer height-adjustable bases with mechanical or electrical engines. In the case of mechanical adjusting, just lift it up to the required height and the base will secure itself. In the case of an electrical engine, you control the system only with buttons.

Desk bases


Other accessories

Office outlets  built-in socket

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