In addition to providing high-quality wholesale service and a wide variety of trendy foreign innovations for housing architects and designers, the company Demos trade, a.s., offers its customers a number of other services, such as: online sales (Portal 24) via the Internet; consulting, including training programs; promotion; partnership bonus programs; its own transport, including mail-order service, cutting and lipping of parts ... etc. An overview and the nature of our services are outlined on the page below.


We have prepared for you, our customers, the customized program Demos24Plus, through which it is possible to submit and monitor your orders 24 hours a day, even on public holidays and weekends. If the rules for an order are met and technical conditions allow, we will deliver the ordered goods within 24 hours (during workdays) from the receipt of an order. You will find our price list here, with your partnership discounts, and an overview of stock availability; you can make price calculations of your orders, etc. You can find out more about the advantages of our customer portal here, or you can register at ONLINE SALES and try everything out for yourself. 
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Our support for you, our customers, includes no less than 13 items, from our website at and portal Demos24Plus (ONLINE SALES), through our product and business managers, customer center and customer service at our branches, including showrooms of materials, to seminars, books of designs, catalogues, exclusive products, certificates, assembly instructions, etc. For your growth, do not hesitate to utilize the business and product line support stated below. You will make your work faster and more precise, and you will become an equal partner to your customer.
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We have prepared a rich bonus program for each of our customers. 
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If you order goods from us, you can choose from several transport options. You may collect and take away the goods yourself, or you can use our transport services; in the case of mail-order service we utilize the services of forwarding companies. 
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Demos trade, a.s., currently has a total of 12 facilities in the Czech Republic and 8 facilities in Slovakia Republic. All of them are equipped with basic sample books, exhibits and other promotional resources which facilitate the ordering of our product lines. We differentiate between two types of showrooms, according to the capabilities of the facility. 
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In some of our shops, we cut for customers their planar (board) material, which they bought from us, to transport lengths, and in some cases also to lengths selected by the customer ( download our cutting plan), or, as the case may be, we supply lipping of edges (e.g., in our Prague and Sokolnice shop) 
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In this section you can find other services that our customers frequently use 
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