podpora zákazníkůmThe support available for you, our customers, includes no less than 13 items, from our website and portal Demos24Plus (ONLINE SALES), through our product and business managers, customer center and customer service at our branches, including showrooms of materials, to seminars, sample books, catalogues, exclusive products, certificates, assembly instructions, etc. For your growth, do not hesitate to utilize the business and product line support stated below. You will make your work faster and more precise, and you will become an equal partner to your customer.

Product managers - consulting

We have established a hotline for product consulting – fittings product lines: tel.: +420 596 223 455, where our product managers are prepared to answer your questions regarding technical solutions, consulting, or handling your above-standard requirements. For information about planar – board materials, call the Customer Center Ostrava, tel.: +420 596 223 470, or Prague, tel.: +420 272 109 120 

Trained customer center, facilities

Our Customer Center – Fittings is prepared to receive your orders for furniture fittings and answer your questions regarding delivery periods and conditions, and will execute your order from A to Z. You will be provided with the same service in the area of planar materials by salesman in our facilities in the Czech Republic. They undergo continual training in professional product knowledge through the process „Product Training of Employees“, which takes place several times a year. 

Business managers 

All the regions in which we provide our business services are covered by our network of sales representatives. We currently have 45 sales representatives working throughout the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in selected regions of southern Poland. Their work involves primarily customer care, such as negotiating and setting up business terms, processing offers, and handling the special requirements of customers.

Manuals, technical data sheets, assembly instructions

We sell product lines which do not require too many instructions and additional information to use, as well as product lines which are more technically sophisticated and require detailed information on how to work with them or choose the right type. For this reason, we try to publish all the required information on our portal Démos24Plus, in an annex to the given product line (you can find it below the photo in the product line detail).

Product Days (Seminars)

We regularly organize events in our facilities for our customers – with information about our new products. We invite representatives from our suppliers to participate and to provide information about their new products and, using real samples, demonstrate their products and how to work with them, including giving practical recommendations. During these seminars we familiarize you with our current sample books and catalogues and offer the possibility of ordering current versions. These events are usually accompanied by refreshments and gifts for participating customers. We prepare a brief summary which we post on our website for customers who cannot participate in the event, or alternatively, we can inform them directly via e-mail.


vzorkovnyDemos trade, a.s., currently has a total of 12 facilities in the Czech Republic. All these facilities are equipped with basic sample books, exhibits and other promotional resources which facilitate the ordering of our product lines.

We differentiate between two types of showrooms, according to the capabilities of the facility:

plná vzorkovnaFull showroom – includes exhibits of a wide range of planar (board) materials and furniture fittings, including functional expositions + catalogues, material sample books and other promotional materials. (Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc)

základní vzorkovnaBasic showroom – contains basic exhibits of planar (board) materials + catalogues and sample books of materials, including furniture fittings, as well as other promotional materials.


Samples and sample books

We offer for sale, or in some cases for free, sample books of the materials we sell, which facilitates choosing from the wide range of veneers of planar materials and edges. On agreement with our business manager, we offer samples for testing within selected product lines of fittings.

Catalogues and books

We publish our own catalogues of the product lines we offer. In the area of fittings, this includes mainly our large Catalogue of Fittings which we update and publish in several language versions approximately every two years. We publish special books for certain product groups to provide you with information about our new product lines during the time between publication of our catalogues. Catalogues can be ordered together with goods; we offer them for free to our regular customers.

Product line - extending

We are constantly introducing new items into our offering on the basis of requirements of the processing market and recommendations from our suppliers, who follow European trends. You can find more than 1300 new offerings in the 2012 Catalogue. Our team of employees who participate in the process of launching new product lines at our company regularly visit trade fairs specialized in housing all around the world, in order to use the acquired knowledge in their work, and bring you an offer which can fulfill all your requirements.

Product brands Strong and Tulip

The company Démos trade is an owner of the product brands Strong and Tulip. The Strong brand includes furniture connecting elements which ensure the mutual movements of individual parts. These products offer high quality at reasonable prices. Under this brand, we present you with a basic line of furniture hinges, locks, pull-outs and door fittings. Tulip = an elegant line of products which add a harmonic appearance to your furniture and come with a wide range of options. This line includes mainly pull handles and hangers of both modern and classical designs.

Goods on order – according to requirements

We keep more than 4000 items in stock and other items on order. Our product managers are prepared to meet your above-standard requirements and to use their contacts with suppliers all over the world. Specify your requirements concerning the type, use, quantity and delivery period, and let us do the rest.

Product exclusivity

We work with a number of suppliers who prepare their offer exclusively for us, meaning it is not offered by anyone else in the given market – both in planar (board) materials, such as Thermopal, and in furniture fittings. Similarly, we are able, on the basis of good quality cooperation with a customer, to provide an exclusive offer for that customer and guarantee that no other customer will get this offer. Everything is a matter of having an agreement on long-term cooperation with the customer.

Ordering marketing support at the portal Démos24Plus

In addition to goods, you can also order at the portal our promotional resources for individual groups of goods (sample books, catalogues, product books).


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