LOGISTICS (transport)


If you order goods from us, you can choose from several transport options. You may collect and take away the goods yourself, or you can use our transport services; in the case of mail-order service we utilize the services of forwarding companies.


Distribution of goods and distribution fees

We offer the delivery of planar materials and edges directly to your facility. If you want to make use of lower lump sum charges and charges for the distribution of planar materials, contact the appropriate shop or visit the section „Terms“ in the portal Démos24Plus, concerning the date of our delivery route to your facility and the prices of transport. Furniture fittings and edges from our Central Warehouse Ostrava are sent in the form of a consignment FREE OF CHARGE, if ordered in sufficient quantities. You can find out about our current terms and prices for consignments at the portal Démos24Plus or in our Customer Center.

Call before the delivery of supplies of planar materials from our facilities

Drivers of our contract forwarders inform customers about the time of their expected arrival for unloading no later than before leaving the place of loading.

System of cartage (central warehouses)

We supply our regional warehouses from our central warehouses twice a week in order to make the complete range of our offered planar materials available to you. This centralization of our stock enables us to gradually extend the offer of our products to satisfy even the most demanding of our customers.

Service – delivery within 24 hours

The delivery term is 24 hours (or by the next workday, as the case may be) if we receive your order by 13:00 hours (for furniture fittings and edges)* mail-order by 12:00 hours (for planar materials)* mail-order * guaranteed only for standard quantities of goods we keep in stock.

Assurance of „S“ goods

We guarantee you the stated delivery terms for goods from mail-order (24 hours or by the next workday, as the case may be). If it exceptionally occurs that the stock of such goods is insufficient to cover your order (provided that standard quantities have been ordered), we will deliver the goods to you at the earliest possible date and pay the shipping charges for you.


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