In this section, you can find other services that our customers frequently use.

Fast settling of claims

We put great emphasis on quickly settling your potential claims. Thanks to this approach, we manage to settle almost 90% of claims within 7 days. We guarantee that claims will be settled in 100% of cases within 30 days of when they were reported, in accordance with our Code of Claims.

Customer Center - Fittings

Our 12 operators are fully at your disposal in our Customer Center. You can contact them with your requests for orders, questions regarding our product lines or about the progress of order processing, etc.

Fittings by mail-order only    

Facilities marked in this way sell furniture fittings only as a part of mail-order. The delivery term is 24 hours (or by the next workday, as the case may be) if we receive your order by 13:00 hours.


Customer warehouses

We are able to guarantee you a special product line and keep your required 6 or more units of goods in stock exclusively for you. Please consult with our business manager concerning this offer.

Disposal of wood waste

Facility PRAGUE – we provide to our customers free of charge the disposal of wood waste (surpluses) from material that was provably purchased from the company Démos trade, a.s.


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