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A catalog you can rely on

A catalog you can rely on

A catalog you can rely on
What other catalog we should also present to you! Only one that is reliable. We managed to do it after about 10 months of intensive work. Come and see for yourself.

First we asked, discussed, researched and verified if the catalog as you know it still meets your requirements. If it looks good, if everything is clear and legible. If it suits you completely and is clear. With the answers, we put together the skeleton of the catalog, which we present to you today, already as a complete work, in online form (you can look forward to it in printed form from March 2024).


We have divided the book into two parts

Technical part: with 12 chapters, in which there are structural and functional elements of the furniture, which the end user usually does not choose himself - he can get advice in this area. Here you will find hinges, pull-outs, connecting fittings, container equipment, plinths, adhesives and chemicals, tools, etc.

Design part: with 5 chapters, in which you will find products that the end user of the furniture, on the other hand, always deals with - handles, sinks, water taps, table and display legs, door handles, etc.


We have revised the order and content of the chapters

Those of you who know our catalog from the past and have read it carefully must not have missed that the new catalog does not have 15 chapters, but 17. Let's introduce them:

Technical part:

  • 01 – furniture hinges (chapter with all hinges from Strong, Blum and Hettich brands)
  • 02 – lifting and folding mechanisms (chapter containing all kinds of tilting and tilting mechanisms)
  • 03 – furniture slides (chapter with all drawers from Strong, Blum, Hettich and FGV brands)
  • 04 – interior equipment of furniture and drawers (containing sideboards, dividers, waste bins and sorters, file cabinets, etc.)
  • 05 – kitchen wire program (no need to explain, of course)
  • 06 – lighting and electrification of furniture (we added chargers and sockets to all types of lighting – everything from electricity is in one place)
  • 07 – fittings for sliding and folding doors (all for cabinet and interior doors, but also fitting wardrobes, keep it together)
  • 08 – rectification legs, plinths, wheels
  • 09 – fittings not only for offices (all equipment for offices, student rooms and home office spaces, bases, containers, locks, etc.)
  • 10 – connecting fittings (screws, dowels, eccentrics, supports, in short, fixing the structure)
  • 11 – glues, cleaners, chemicals (new chapter with all glues, cleaners, silicones, repair waxes and other products for joining or treating furniture)
  • 12 - power tools and equipment (Festool tools and Bosch tools)

Design part:

  • 13 – handles and hooks
  • 14 – table and furniture legs
  • 15 – sinks, taps, hoods, waste disposers (Strong, Franke and Blanco fittings)
  • 16 – tambour doors, aluminium frames (everything you can use to close the cabinet)
  • 17 – fittings for interior doors (Twin handles, hinges, locks, stoppers for working with doors)


Comparisons and alternatives

Has it ever happened that we didn't have the product you needed in stock? Did you need a cheaper or, on the contrary, a maximum quality option? But how to find them? We have added content to the catalog in which all alternatives are included, if we offer them for the given products. Hinges, slides, fittings for sliding doors or even sinks, nicely next to each other.

News and products you shouldn't miss

At the beginning of each chapter, we have placed a list of novelties or products that you should know about. Products that make your work easier.


Do you want to always have the catalog at hand?

Check out our online catalog! It will always contain the most up-to-date information, weighs nothing and is available anytime, anywhere. The download is possible from our website or using the Démos App version for iOS and version for Android.