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It opens and dampens: Introducing the unique Smootis

It opens and dampens: Introducing the unique Smootis

It opens and dampens: Introducing the unique Smootis
Handleless opening of cabinets in the kitchen, living room or bathroom with soft closing, easy and light? Introducing the unique Smootis mechanism. Suitable for cabinet doors weighing 4 to 22 kg with easy assembly without the need to connect to electricity!

Smootis is a mechanism for handle-free opening with soft closing for furniture doors on classic hinges. You don't need electricity or damping hinges to make it work, the unique mechanism takes care of everything by itself. With its help, you can easily open doors in the kitchen, cupboards in the living room, in the bedroom or in the bathroom.

How does it work?

The principle of the mechanism is very simple. The door is partially opened by pushing on its surface, optimally as close as possible to the place with the Smootis mechanism. The same mechanism dampens the movement of the door when it is closed. For the best launch, the closed mechanism can be set to extend by an additional 5 mm.

Smootis product quality is proven by TÜV, SGS, UKAS certification guaranteeing 60,000 opening and closing cycles. The installation is also easy, 4 screws are enough to fix it. A cover that covers the mechanism serves to ensure a clean appearance. Thanks to its dimensions, it does not take up much space in the cabinet.

Mounting Recommendations: 

For cabinet widths up to 450 mm, mount Smootis as close to the center of the door as possible. For wider cabinets (up to 600 mm), position it 450 mm away from the hinge side. 

Smootis is available in three colors – white, light gray and dark gray for doors weighing 4 to 22 kilograms. For more information and detailed technical specifications, read our leaflet.