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The edges of Egger

The edges of Egger

The edges of Egger
Who should better handle the similarity of materials than their manufacturer? We therefore rely on such uniformity even at the edges. To boards of EGGER we have also on stock ABS edges of EGGER.

Perfect match 

This is how EGGER marks the edges for which they declare maximum conformity with the DTDL. However, not only in color, as all edge manufacturers do, but also in surface structure. It is important to judge such an edge correctly. In EGGER, they expect light to fall on the edge at a different angle. They adjust their toning and structure accordingly. Therefore, when comparing the conformity, it is important to "build" the edge on the board, and thus simulate the position of the edge on the finally produced furniture.

Contrasting edges

Otherwise, a rather dull table in a café can make special the so-called decorative contrasting edge. Of course, not just a table in a cafe, but any furniture you create. Otherwise, a rather dull table in a café can make the so-called decorative contrasting edge special. Of course, not just a table in a cafe, but any furniture you create. There are no limits to your imagination. Metallic look, combination of materials, look of bio board, front cut of wood ... the choice is up to you, and only to your and the customer's taste. An excellent opportunity how to change the furniture in experience.

Front edges: 23 x 0.8 mm 42 x 0.8 mm - the use of these edges, especially in combination with PerfectSense decors, will create an almost perfect impression of real wood.

Trio: 23 x 1.3 mm - the combination of colors and designs emphasizes the visual contrast between different materials - from the structure of wood to metal, which creates a lot of creative possibilities.

Duo: 23 x 1.3 mm - consist of two stripes of the same size, which correspond to two decors from the collection. The appearance of the inner and outer layers can be achieved by applying this edge to a board with the same decor.

Multiplex: 23 x 1.3 mm - Multiplex edges offer the possibility to combine the appearance of the Multiplex board with a thin surface layer, with a whole range of UNI decors.

Used metal: 23 x 1,3 mm – this edge can be used to create strong contrasts in terms of material or in conjunction with UNI color decors. Brown woodgrains or UNI colors in shade of gray also go well with this edge. 

Carbon: 23 x 1,3 mm – can be used to highlight and emphasize material properties. Combined with aluminum, black or dark shades of wood, it allows you to create a more harmonious contrast.

Linea: 23 x 1,3 mm – this edge variant provides a strong contrast to a number of UNI decors, wood decors and other reproductions of materials. It goes especially well with aluminum, black or dark wood tones. Its linear structure is not only visible but also felt.

3-layer: 23 x 1,3 mm – they create the appearance of solid three-layer wood or board. They can also be used to create natural contrast in conjunction with UNI color decors.


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