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Tulip catalogue - metal handles

Tulip catalogue - metal handles

Tulip catalogue - metal handles
Handles are a design accessory that can turn any space into an eye-catching and modern place. However, finding the right handle can sometimes be a problem. Thanks to our Tulip catalog, you can easily find these design pieces in one place. Its extensive content allows you to explore our handles and hooks in detail.

The Tulip catalog offers 260 different types of handles, which are divided into 6 chapters. To make it easier for you to find your way around the catalog, we will introduce each chapter separately in more detail in the coming weeks.

The first chapter of the Tulip catalog is focused on handles that are:

  • the most commonly used types of handels,
  • strong and easy to maintain,
  • with a long service life.

Yes, these are popular metal handles that, with their timeless design, can create an attractive final look in any interior. They are perfectly combinable and therefore can be used not only in homes, but also in public spaces such as hairdressers, salons and cafes. You can choose from different types of materials - zinc, stainless steel or aluminum.

A great advantage of metal handles and knobs is their versatility, which offers a wide range of design combinations. In addition, their always fashionable color design suits different preferences and styles. We present to you elegant golden metal handles that will become a distinctive decoration of any room. You can combine them with dark wood decor to become the dominant element of your home, or with popular metal accessories, such as gold faucets, to complete the interior and create an impression of luxury.

We have expanded our collection of metal handles with four new models that are more discreet in design, which is ideal for those who prefer to combine minimalism with subtle elegance. An interesting combination that looks harmonious is the use of Tulip Envel and Tulip Lines handles in a simple square design. Together, these elements create a unified look for the entire interior.  

If you prefer a handle that offers versatile use, definitely consider using the Tulip Kira handle. It is imaginative, modern and can be used both horizontally and vertically. For example, for bedroom sets and wardrobes. Its ergonomic shape ensures comfortable opening of the furniture, and in addition to its excellent functionality, it also becomes a perfect aesthetic accessory.

Tulip Mount and Tulip Cub are simple, understated and elegant mounts, available at a very reasonable price. They are suitable for various interior styles, such as minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial. Are sharp edges not for you? In that case, we recommend Tulip Kink handles and knobs, which are classic, elegant and imaginative. In addition, by combining them, you create a uniform and eye-pleasing design.

Even just by changing the handles, you can liven up the kitchen, living room or bedroom without having to replace the entire furniture.

You can find more information in our TULIP catalog.