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Tulip catalogue - Recessed Handles and Profiles

Tulip catalogue - Recessed Handles and Profiles

Tulip catalogue -  Recessed Handles and Profiles
Do you want clean lines and a natural look in your space? Are you a fan of practical solutions that are modern and tasteful? Our recessed and profile Tulip handles meet these requirements perfectly.

They do not protrude, do not interfere with the space and are an elegant accessory that will maintain a pleasant and harmonious look in the interior. The popularity of these profiles in interior furniture is constantly growing, especially in kitchens, where they are becoming a popular part of kitchen counters. And it is for this reason that we have decided to include several interesting models in our portfolio of novelties, which are versatile and excellently combinable.

Simple installation, elegant appearance and multifunctional use are represented by the Lori model. Its installation is very simple, in addition, it can be applied both vertically and horizontally, and it will always look very chic on the door. Its brushed finish adds a touch of luxury to the profile. 

For all those who are looking for a multifunctional type of handle profile, we recommend two models - Tulip Tende and Tulip Zoid. You can choose from 13 sizes and 4 colors that can be matched with any furniture. A bonus that you will definitely appreciate is the variability of the installation, which offers multiple placement options, e.g. simply on screws, with the edge of the door, on the edge or in the middle. For kitchen doors, we recommend installing the handle across the entire width of the headboard, and there is no need to mill it in any way. The long dimensions of the Tende and Zoid Tulip handles are suitable for wardrobes and, when used vertically, especially in hallways.

Minimalism is undoubtedly a trend that has long been highly sought after, and one of its features is a handle-free solution. That is why in our portfolio you will find the Tulip Ria handle, which is mainly characterized by practicality and simple assembly. Suitable for people looking for a solution that frees them from folding beveled doors. Thanks to this handle, you won't have to edge the door, because the edge will be protected by an aluminum profile. In addition, the Ria handle looks very minimalistic and tasteful, whether you install it in the kitchen or the bathroom.  

We have also included the popular Paolo and Juvio profiles for you in the popular white and black colors and in sizes for installation on laminate boards up to 20 mm wide.

The Gola profile found its supporters on the market a long time ago. We have therefore expanded our offer to include gold color and Gola with the possibility of inserting an LED strip. To make matters worse, we have modified the offer of vertical Gola profiles to include profiles with an improved snap-on installation system, the so-called "snap-on" system.

If you are deciding whether to choose a handle-free solution or a handle-based furniture solution, you will be inspired by our range of profile handles, which form an intermediate step between tip-on furniture and the classic railing form of opening.

You can find all the important information about our recessed and profile handles in our Tulip design catalog in Chapter 3.