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Tulip catalogue - rustic and porcelain handels

Tulip catalogue - rustic and porcelain handels

Tulip catalogue - rustic and porcelain handels
Add a unique character to your interior with an accessory that will bring a touch of uniqueness and coziness to the space. Impress with a small element that can immediately catch the eye of those around you. Bet on certainty with our rustic and porcelain handles.

The second chapter of our Tulip catalogue is focused on this category of handles, which, thanks to their timeless appearance, can create a feeling of warmth and a cozy home in any environment. Different material and color combinations allow a wide range of uses in different interior design styles. From country, Provençal or Nordic style to traditional classic or minimalist modern.

The rustic style does not only belong to cottages, it is increasingly seen in modern apartments and houses. Country style can be described very similarly to Nordic style, both styles are characterized by clean lines, bright space and natural materials. It is dominated by minimalism associated primarily with functionality. Every object has a purpose, nothing is thoughtlessly placed extra. Rustic handles are the perfect addition, because in addition to their interesting appearance, they are also practical.

If you like this style of handle, be sure to go for our popular Menfi black matte Tulip handle, which creates an interesting contrast in combination with the white door decor. An elegant and tasteful accessory is also our new product - the Turia Tulip handle, which is available in three colors: matte black, antique gold and brushed nickel. In our collection of rustic handles, you will always find a combination of a handle and a knob, thanks to which you can unify and connect the entire interior.

Do you want to liven up your interior with something, bring something new, unexpected and unique into it? An interesting alternative to classic handles are the shell-shaped handles, which are represented by the new Tulip Loka and the more modern Tulip Bold. Even with such a small detail, you can brighten up your home and create a tasteful final look.

A popular element in classic kitchens is the ceramic sink, which goes well with handles made of ceramic material, such as Tulip Gipa or Tulip Margarita. In current interior trends, the emphasis is on creamy pastel colors that bring light and warmth to the space. Of the pastel colors, green is currently the most trendy, which represents a piece of nature in our homes. Handles or knobs of black or gold color go well with this color.

With rustic and porcelain handles and knobs, you can bring a pleasant nostalgic atmosphere to your interior, which will enhance its overall design with its timelessness, uniqueness and functionality.