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We are changing the Strong nomenclature

We are changing the Strong nomenclature

We are changing the Strong nomenclature
You may have already encountered the nomenclature Strong, which we use to denote a certain assortment group, e.g. StrongBall for ball slides. This type of new nomenclature is one of the steps to facilitate orientation in our wide range, currently especially in Strong products.

Take a look at the leaflet, which contains the complete Strong nomenclature for individual product groups. And how does it work?

To the word Strong we have added another word of English origin denoting a certain group of assortment. For example, StrongHinges refers to hinges or StrongWire refers to a wire program. You will then find out at a glance which product you are looking at.

In addition, we have added S5, S3 or S1 designations to some Strong products. The quality of the product corresponds to this designation, in descending order:

S5 – high quality and an interesting technological solution

S3 – solid performance, appropriate price, suitable for a wide range of users

S1 – economical series with basic features

The numbers of the groups correspond to the chapters in the Fittings catalogue, except for chapters 13, 16 and 17, which do not contain the Strong assortment. Thanks to the new nomenclature, you can find the goods easily and quickly. We believe that it will help you better navigate the wide range of Strong.