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35 years of experience

35 years of experience

35 years of experience
Given the history of furniture production, 35 years is not that long. If anyone manages to be among the top of the industry in this relatively short time, this is a good reason to take an interest in him. You should definitely not miss the Austrian furniture fittings manufacturer KNAPP.

Friedrich Knapp, a company engaged in the production of connecting fittings for furniture, founded thirty-five years ago. The range was subsequently expanded to include components for connecting stairs, wooden structures and other joinery and carpentry products. Today, KNAPP fittings belong without exaggeration to the best that the market has to offer, and we at Demos are pleased to be able to introduce their products to you as an exclusive partner.

Practical connections

Let's start with the slats. You will appreciate every manufacturer who is looking for a solid connection with minimal effort. If you choose KNAPP blades, you don't need any special tools, basically a classic angle grinder is enough for you. Most of the offered slats do not even need to be glued. Thanks to the special shape, they "bite" into the material. Some models can even be disconnected again. In the Demos menu you will find the new SUNNY, SILVER, CHAMP, METAL and FAST slats. 

If you are engaged in the production of stairs or cladding, you will certainly be interested in UNO and DUO connectors. These joints are simple, strong enough and can be disassembled. You can also use the DUO model to connect the bed frame. UNO is suitable for hanging cladding or high floor plinth. It is easy to disassemble and the locking clip can prevent accidental disengagement. 

Two-piece locking pin force

The QUICK-SET system ensures fast, precise and firm connection of the body. It is a metal rod, very similar to the classic eccentric rods, and a plastic counterpart, into which the rod collides. To give you a better idea, it works as if you were connecting the eccentric rods and bumping them into the pin hole, where they are firmly and inseparably fixed.

Other innovations in our offer include the KLICK connection system or, for example, plastic pins, which are excellent for using the interior or for connecting compact boards. However, the list of KNAPP products that should not escape your attention does not end there. You can find them all in the leaflet on our website or in the smartphone application.

If you try one of the KNAPP products, we will be very pleased if you share your experience!

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