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Sinks and taps that fit perfectly into your kitchen

Sinks and taps that fit perfectly into your kitchen

You can find not only sinks for bottom and top assembly, but also for levelled assembly in the brand new StrongSinks product range of the Strong brand. Strong kitchen taps with an above-standard five or 10-year warranty will also fit into every kitchen.

StrongSinks will satisfy lovers of modern granite as well as representatives of classic, stainless steel sinks. The battery in matte black and shiny chrome fulfills the ideas of the mainstream. The chapter itself is StrongSinks accessories with drip trays, rolling grates and other gadgets.

Unique features – that's what StrongSinks are

With stainless steel welded sinks (e.g. 482139), you don't have to decide immediately how to assembly the sink - the package includes fasteners for all types of assembling.

To save space, we added a siphon with an eccentric control to some granite and stainless steel sinks for convenient draining of the sink from the so-called dry zone. You don't have to use it, there is also a cover for this hole in the package.

We guarantee our products for longer than the competition - most batteries have an above-standard warranty, an incredible 5 or 10 years.

Granite or stainless steel, that's the question

The answer to this question is not simple. Both materials have their advantages, so the choice is purely up to the user. Granite is mechanically and chemically more resistant, stainless steel stands out for its hygienic properties and easy maintenance. That's why you can find both in our offer, we leave the choice to you.

StrongSinks granite sinks are made of natural stone and natural acrylic resin, which makes the sink more scratch and stain resistant than other polyester resin products.

What about assembly?

StrongSinks offers classic top assembly, or modern levelled and bottom assembly. The last two variants will ensure a modern and, moreover, hygienic kitchen even years later. The indisputable advantage is lightning cleaning, when you wipe all the crumbs or water from the kitchen unit straight into the sink, with one stroke.

Bottom assembly of the sink is only possible in some materials (stone, wood, compact boards), levelled assembly is also possible in laminate.

Water as a source of inspiration

We found inspiration for the product names of the new StrongSinks range in water, one of nature's most precious resources. We decided to pay tribute to her by naming the products of the StrongSinks range after the rivers that flow through the states where Démos does business.

Get the StrongSinks brochure online or from your Démos sales representative.